Online Employee Fire Awareness and Safety Training

Thank you for your interest in Firetechni’s Employee Fire Safety Awareness Training Program. The program is designed specifically by Firetechni around current legislation where employers have a statutory duty to provide any necessary information and training to employees on relevant fire safety issues in the workplace.

Your fire risk assessment should have highlighted any training weaknesses or given advice on your employee training and information needs. Your training procedures and policies can be incorporated in the training program. A significant benefit of online training is that it can be undertaken individually during designated times more convenient for you and your staff, removing the need to train in groups which can disrupt the working day.

The program is able to incorporate photographs and video enabling you to put across your specific fire safety measures more effectively.

The cost per person per single use will be up to £9.00 which can be a very economical method of providing periodic and continuing fire safety training. Firetechni can also help you formulate your particular emergency procedures and specific fire safety awareness information and training incorporating them in your program. All programs will have an Assessment module to ensure you can demonstrate the provision of accountable training. The program can also include your other Health & Safety training policies and procedures.

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