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Premises which provide services for the infirm, elderly and persons with limited mobility, particularily residential or nursing homes and hospitals, presents a special risk to employees and the service users in the event of a fire when there may be a need to evacuate.

The simplist way to avoid the need to evacuate a building in the event of fire is to prevent the outbreak. A proper fire risk assessment by someone with the necessary experience in fire safety can make a significant contribution towards achieving a Fire Prevention strategy. However, if the strategy fails and a fire breaks out and starts to develop, quick and effective evacuation will be necessary.

The means of evacuating residents to a place of safety, especially during the hours of sleep and with reduced staffing levels, will be an extremely challenging task to undertake quickly and safely and will only succeed if a suitable evacuation plan is in place. An effective plan will take into consideration the layout of the building, the passive fire safety measures provided and the ability of the available staff to undertake an evacuation. Persons with limited mobility may need to be moved to a place of safety quickly and this can be a physically demanding task for staff to undertake especially when it can involve the movement of a number of persons.

Firetechni is able to provide evacuation equipment which, in conjunction with a suitable fire risk assessment and evacuation strategy, can be used to assist staff move persons quickly to a place of safety in an emergency.

Firetechni has been appointed by Spectrum Healthcare (UK) Ltd as a distributor of its specialist emergency evacuation sheets and mats in Northern Ireland. 

Spectrum Healthcare (UK) Ltd is a specialist UK based supplier of evacuation equipment offering a complete service, across the UK & the Republic of Ireland.

With Firetechni’s knowledge and experience of fire safety and evacuation procedures and Spectrum Healthcare’s range of specialist evacuation sheets and mats, we can offer residential and nursing care premises evacuation strategies tailored to suit the building layout and the personal emergency evacuation needs of individuals.

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