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Fire Safety legislation, in Northern Ireland, has been brought into line with that in England & Scotland. This fire safety legislation, contained inThe Fire & Rescue Services (NI) Order 2006, took effect on 15 November 2010. This legislation has repealed the Fire Services (NI) Order 1984 and the Fire Certification process has cease to have effect. Existing Certificates no longer have any legal standing.

Generally, the new legislation means that, with little exception, the type of premises where a Fire Risk Assessment is required will extend to premises and places which are not necessarily places of employment. These types of premises include the likes of churches and church halls, clubs and organisations established, managed and maintained by it's membership, small bed & breakfast premises, youth organisation premises, and Houses in Multiple Occupancy. The legal responsibility for the provision, management and maintenance of the measures, necessary to control the risk to persons from fire, also apply to any person or persons who, to any extent, have control over the premises.

You may not be made aware by overnight Fire Safety experts that, although a fire risk assessment is required to be undertaken, it does not always have to be recorded, probably saving you money which could be best spent on necessary fire safety measures.

 If you are unsure of your position in this respect, Firetechni will be pleased to advise accordingly.